Kambalda Nickel operations


The Kambalda Nickel District in Western Australia is one of the world's great nickel provinces. Since its discovery by WMC Resources Ltd in 1966 it has produced over 47 million tonnes of ore, containing more than 1.4 million tonnes of nickel metal. The District has consistently generated more than 35,000 tonnes of nickel metal per annum, apart from a brief period in the late 1990s when it was partly shut down.

Mincor played a leading role in the post-2001 revival of the Kambalda Nickel District.

Mincor commenced production from its Miitel Nickel Mine in March 2001. To the end of June 2013, Mincor's attributable production had reached 153,000 tonnes of nickel metal in ore. Over the same period Mincor has grown its starting ore reserve by more than seven times, consistently replacing mined ore reserves with new metal through exploration and, more rarely, acquisitions.

The Company suspended mining operations in January 2016 due to exceptionally low nickel prices. However, it continues to own and progress feasibility-level nickel projects as well as numerous resource-level and advanced stage exploration projects in the Kambalda District.  


The safety and wellbeing of its employees and contract staff is Mincor's paramount concern. Mincor operates its mines to the highest standards of safety, and demands the same from all its contractors.

Mincor's board-approved formal safety policy is available on this website, together with quarterly updates on Mincor's progress with regard to safety matters (see Mincor's Health, Safety & Environment web-page).

The Company employs a wide range of measures to ensure that its safety standards are maintained at the highest level. These include continuous training programs, continuous revision and implementation of enhanced safety procedures, the use of safety incentive bonuses, and the close implementation and management of a series of leading safety indicators.